Fixin' & Farmin'

So to continue my time on the farm (after spending 3.5 days at a work conference)......

When I returned, I was informed that I would get to paint the corn crib once the tin gets all on the roof. Well, to my dismay, the painting never happened. Due to some neighbor farmers hauling this week down the dead end gravel road, the crib needed a good power wash before the paint. In addition, it was too chilly and much too windy to paint. Dad said that the trees would probably end up with more paint on them then on the crib. And yup, that is probably right. Even though it was too windy for painting, all the tin got on the roof...with no help from the wind.

Since the corn crib was as done as it could be for this year (after it took 3 of us to get the tin up [well, my job was just to help hold the tin and assist with getting it on the roof before it flew away]), my brother and dad started picking corn. After returning from a shopping trip with my mom, I had the joy of helping unload 5 loads of corn. Man, is it a dirty job!

The following pictures aren't in order of how they occurred, but how I like them.

The colors in the sky last night were pretty much amazing. I just wish my camera could have more accurately captured what we saw.

Here's the main farm at sunset.
In the distance on the left is the main farm again.
This is east of the crib, looking in to our neighbor's field. To the right of the windmill we caught a buck running through the field. This buck was huge in size, but he didn't have a big rack yet.
A view from inside the corn crib.
The finished product....the corn crib with a complete roof!
The calves, doing what they do best...EAT!
My brother working, closing up a spot on the crib and then replacing
some worn/rotten wood for the doors.
A view while waiting for dad to return with another wagon load of corn.
Since I helped with unloading the corn, I wasn't able to get a picture of the process. Oh well, that happens. But, here's a glipse at what I looked like after 1 or 2 loads of corn. I think in the end I helped with 5 loads. I was pretty covered, even worse than Adam and dad!
But, that comes with the farm life.
Sadly, my time at the farm ends on Sunday evening.
I must go back to work on Monday where I have some deadlines and projects that must get done.
Oh, how I love the farm life!

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