This past Saturday, I was able to head back to the farm a little earlier than planned. I was finally able to help with harvest. I finished up combining most of the beans...except for what dad harvested that still had standing water.

Here's my little photo journal of the afternoon/evening.

(Waiting for dad to get the bean head attached to the combine.)

(This is the bin that caused a little fire last weekend.
No real damage to the corn since the fire was under the floor.)

Drake at sunset.


JB Knacker said...

Love your blog...so happy I found you! Thanks for having my shop on your sidebar. Have a wonderful November and come visit us at the shop sometime! Brenda

Jay and Gina said...

My puppy is going so big!!!! Take a full shot of him next time you're home so I can see him all!

Janel said...

WOW! Fantastic pictures! You REALLY ARE a farmgirl!

Jodee Leader said...

YOU GO GIRL! My boys love to go to the farm too! Great pictures!

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