Every Which Way

I'm still here...just haven't had time to blog much. Life has been taking me every which way possible. Kid wrangling, crafting, traveling for work, going to head back to the farm after a trip next week, and then eventually Thanksgiving.

Recap of traveling....There's nothing like going to the same resort twice within two weeks time. I was there this past Friday through Sunday, and will be going there again this coming Sunday through Wednesday. Check out Pheasant Run Resort. Last weekend, my program took 28 students to a Student Leadership Conference. There were almost 500 students there, and about 100 or so staff members. I think 2 nights of not going to bed until 1am or later was enough for me for the year. I don't know how I use to be able to do it. The upcoming trip back there will be for our professional conference. We have meetings, lots of various break out sessions, and more meetings. But it's always fun to catch up with people I haven't seen since a year ago.

This time back there, I'm hoping to take a better job of getting some pictures. There are some neat parts of the hotel that I wanted to take pics of, just ran out of time or forgot.

In the meantime, when I have the time, I hope to get some more coasters made, as well as some other projects I have rolling around in my head. I finally picked up a little notebook for me to write down all my ideas and to paste in any inspiration pictures. I'm thinking this little book will be great for me, to organize my thoughts and ideas. But first up with the book...I need to jazz it up a bit. It's a sketch pad, so has a blah cover.

So until next time, I hope you all are doing well and you are enjoying what life brings to you today...not putting anything off until tomorrow.

God bless!


Jodee Leader said...

Holy cow! You are super busy! I can't stay up until 1:00 a.m. any more either!

Happy Hump Day!

traci said...

HI NICOLE!!! thanks so much for leaving the comment on my blog. i am so glad you did because i followed it here. your blog is adorable!!! i will definately be a frequent visitor.

no, your family is not having a very good harvest either. i hope it gets better for them and they are done soon. we have had a great weather week here so we are finally getting something done. the bean head has been replaced - thank goodness for insurance.

pheasant run resort is only about 40 miles from me. great place. st charles has an adorable down town area too.

sorry so long. take care and nice to meet you!!

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