Farm Girl Naomi

When I came home with Gina on Wednesday night, I brought along my little friend, Naomi. She has been staying and playing at the farm with us. But mommy is coming to get her today. This morning when we were outside playing, Naomi fell in love with the cat. (And I think Drake...the dog...fell in love with Naomi. He would 'kiss' her face, and she would just giggle.)
If I would have let her, I think Naomi would have followed this cat all morning. But after getting picked up by its tail, or held on to around its neck, I think the cat was done playing. Naomi wasn't too happy with that though.

So instead she thought she'd try out the tractor. But she got to wondering if she was sitting on it right.
Once I got her situated, I think she was set to get working in the field. Or maybe just the garden to begin with.
I can't wait until farm girl Naomi comes back and rides in a real tractor.

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