Bushels of Fun!

This afternoon, I took these sweet girls to the Center Grove Orchard. Yup....it was my second time in two days. But, since I got myself the season pass, I might as well use it. For the Z girls, they get in free since their mom works there a couple times a week. We also brought along Miss Mya for some fun as well. Our first stop for the day....the corn pool. Those girls were probably in there for at least 3o minutes, playing in the many bushels of corn. They took turns burying each other in the corn, running around the edge on the bales then jumping in, and just having a good time.

Next stop...the goats. Yesterday, they weren't nearly as active. But today the goats were fun. The girls had fun just picking up chunks of grass and feeding it to the goats. No need to spend 25 cents on goat feed. Grass works too!!

After seeing the goats having some fun, the girls wanted to go to the jumbo pillow and have some more fun of their own. They jumped around for a good while, but didn't last as long this time since it's not shaded and it was above 80 degrees.
Then it was time for school!Even though it was a quick trip to the orchard, we had a fun time. I'm sure we'll be going back another time, but later in the season...and hopefully it won't be as hot!


Jen said...

So fun!

Mom said...

Looks like you are having fun with some cute kids.

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