Colors Galore

What do all these colors and the material have in common?

They are going to be in the 'kids room' at the farm....once everything gets done.

Saturday morning, Mom and I ran to town to get the needed items and supplies for the entire room makeover. That means paint, material, curtains, curtain rods, paper, and frames. She got the bedspreads earlier while they were on a good sale at Target.

We are going for a kid room that will work for both boys and girls. Even though right now, the number of boys beat the girl. So instead of continually changing the room bedspread and accessories, I thought going with this assortment of colors would please everyones tastes. Even though Jac LOVES pink, there isn't a whole lot of it. But there is a little bit in one of the materials, as well as the papers I picked out for another project. (Which you can see when everything is done.)
Due to a little set-back with paiting a dresser, having to peal the paint off and repaint it, the room isn't quite done. I will wait to do before and after pictures once it is complete. But, who knows when that will be. Hopefully sooner rather than later. I'm really excited for what it could look like. It looks great in my head. I'm just hoping it looks just as great in person. And I'm sure it will. Things were looking quite well before I left yesterday.
Enjoy these fun colors and materials for now. And hopefully soon I will show the completed project.
Remember...colors are fun, especially in the form of paint!


Janel said...

Fun project! Paint changes EVERYTHING!

Mom said...

I painted a pretty orange picture frame, finished the yellow stool, painted brown knobs and parts of the bed today. Colors!!

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