Weekend Stay

This weekend, I had the joy of house/pet wrangling for some friends from church. I always love going out to their place. They have 2 dogs, at least a couple cats, 2 horses, and a bunch of fish. So when they go away on their vacations and trips, I get to go on a little one as well.

Here's a glimps at their place...and where I spent my weekend.

Here's Molly. She's a good dog. (Their other dog doesn't get out of the house much, since she is rather old and doesn't move the best.) But Molly is great. This is where she sits as she waits for you to come back from the horse barn. And boy does she enjoy her walks.
Some flowers by the horse barn.
Paradise in a tree.
A fun little birdhouse on the side of their house.
A view from the back deck...priceless.
The water garden/fish pond.
More of the gardens and the horse barn.

As you can see, they have a pretty amazing and beautiful water garden. I'm so glad I got to enjoy the fruits of their labor.

Also on Saturday night, I got to wrangle a couple little kiddos for some friends. Part way through our night, I needed to head back to my weekend stay to feed the horses. That means the kiddos got to come with me! Little dude was in a stroller, trying to fall asleep....so no pictures of him. But I had fun getting a few shots of this sweet thing at spots around the garden. I think she had a fun time as well!
I can't wait until I get to go back again. They've already booked me for their next trip.


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D&J said...

Nicole-that place is amazing! What a little piece of heaven!

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