Triple-A Shout Out

Well, I had the unfortunate experience of locking my keys in the Blaze today. (First time I have done this in years.) I have a reflex of locking the door as soon as I open it. Today, after I did that, I decided that I needed to walk around to the passenger side, since I had some things on the floor. I thought I unlocked it (actually pushing it twice), but I guess I just locked it twice instead. It didn't seem right to me, but I continued on. And soon realized I was locked out.


I then walked to the office...having to go in a different door since my access card was in my purse, in my vehicle. Once my computer was running, I logged on to AAA.com, since I have their basic coverage, and was happy to see this: ' Locksmith Services (Up to $50) ' YEAH!! That means no out of pocket costs for me. Awesome. The day was looking up. Until I was told I need to go and wait by the vehicle. I have about a 4-5 minute walk to get where I park. I didn't want to wait out there. For all you Iowans...you know how hot it was at 8:30 this morning. Not too condusive for sitting around outside with no shade. After about 10-15 minutes waiting in the office, I thought I'd head out. No one was there yet. So then I sat by my vehicle for another 10-15 minutes....sweating. Just sitting there and sweating. Not fun. I then decided to go to the trailer/office of our sister program, since that was about 2 minutes away. Lucky for me...some maintanence guys were going in there as well and unlocked the trailer. I then sat around for another 10 minutes (in AC that was so cool it fogged up the doors) before going to check if the guy was there yet. And during this time, it decided to rain. Nothing like hot rain. Where's my umbrella you ask? Well, in my vehicle, along with everything else I need, especially my keys. So I proceed to see that no one is there yet and return to the office....with some nice rain coverage on my clothes. I decide to call Deckers and inquire about the status and was told the guy should be there any minute. So I head back out, thankfully the rain lets up) and find the guy there. Two minutes later, my vehicle's alarm system is going off as I am trying to quickly get the keys out of my purse to stop the alarm.

Too bad the drama that lead up to those 2 minutes didn't have to happen. But I guess it makes a nice story. All before 9am.
Now my shout out to AAA. With the basic yearly membership of $59.95, here are some of the services I can find online.
--Prepaid 24-Hour Emergency Towing (Up to 5 Miles)
--Emergency Fuel (Pay for Fuel)
--Locksmith Services (Up to $50)
--Free TripTik® Routings, TourBook® Guides & Maps
--And much more
Services I have used that have more than paid for the fee: towing vehicles (more than once), locksmith service, AAA discounts at hotels and other places, and almost used the emergency fuel service...but didn't need it.

So if there is anyone out there that has a vehicle that has been towed or you tend to lock your keys in your vehicle, this is a service you should get. While Gina was still in the states, she signed up for AAA one morning when her car wouldn't start. And it worked out that AAA even covered the towing costs.
Later today.......heading to the farm for the rest of the week!


Mom said...

My goodness....what a way to start the day!
Lucky for you, you get to spend the evening with three terrific little kids that can hardly wait for you to get home to play with them.
See you tonight!

Jay and Gina said...

Haha!!! I just did that this week too.... but Jay just took me home and we got the spare set. Not quite as dramatic. Hope you're having fun with the kiddos!

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