Day of Bashes!

Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there. If you would like to see what I made for my dad, head on over here (my craft site) to check it out.

Since my sister and her family are here from China, we are having a bit of a party here at the farm. Guest list: Grandma and Grandpa Mitchell, Aunt Nancy & Uncle David, Great Aunt Mildred, Adam & Lindsey, mom & dad, 5 from China, and me.....and via internet: Gina & Jay!!!
For dinner, we had a fantastic ham glaze/juice that I made that I'll post about later.

Here's where the second bash of the day comes in. Around 3pm our time, 10pm Germany time, Gina called to tell dad Happy Father's Day. It was also around the time that we were going to eat Jac's birthday cake that mom and I worked on (it will be posted at the very bottom). So we logged on, and did a video chat. Jay and Gina got to see the birthday cake, the soon-to-be birthday girl, and they even sang Happy Birthday with us. So even though they are half a world away from us and seven hours time difference, they still got to be 'here' at the farm for about 30 minutes. (It was past Gina's bedtime.)

Now on to the cake. Jacquelyn is in LOVE with the Disney Princesses. Her favorite princess is Sleeping Beauty, because she's pink. Enough said. If it's pink, she likes it. For her cake, she also wanted a Sleeping Beauty cake. And boy, was that difficult. Mom made and froze the dress form cake where you just insert the torso of a doll in to the cake. (People might make fun of it, but it works......and much cheaper than buying one.) I asked Jac what colors she wanted, and here is what she said....pink dress, with golden hair and a golden necklace with pink shoes. Well, we tried to accommodate. First problem....didn't have just a doll torso, so we used a Barbie. By using a real Barbie, we had to add two more layers to the cake so her legs would fit. In the end, it turned out just fine. Jac liked it, and it tasted great. But with decorating a cake at 1opm at night, after a busy day of making food and other stuff, we just wanted to get it done.

Here's the look of the cake pre-frosting.

And here's the final product and birthday girl.

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