My New Place

Just over a month ago, I finally moved to a new apartment. It is actually bigger, smells much better (no smokers), and is cheaper! What's not to love?

Because I actually had big walls in this place, I struggled in deciding what to do with my decor. So my friend Kate and her 4 kids came over one night a couple weeks ago and helped out. We got the living/dining room and kitchen done.

Here's the before of the living room area... (sorry the pic is so dark...didn't have any lights on)
...and the after.The tv before...
(notice the pile of decorations off to the left of the tv)

...the tv wall after.

And this is the corner where the decorations were sitting before. (sorry I don't have a pic of it all together)

And now on to the kitchen. Please pardon the mess.



So that's a quick tour for now. At another time, I'll highlight some spots around the place.

Have a great day!


clarkitect said...

You call that a mess. Oh Coleigh, you crack me up.

Janel said...

SUPER cute!

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