CWF - Day 4

Capitol Hill day. We had ourselves a busy day today. We met with Rep Boswell and Latham and Senator Grassley. Senator Harkin got held up in some meetings. We had group pictures taken, and the students got to talk with them for a few minutes. In between our meetings, we had a tour of the Capitol, visited the Library of Congress, and sat in the gallery of the House.

For those of you that have heard the news, there was a shooting today in DC at the Holocaust Museum. At the time of the shooting, we were just arriving to the Library of Congress. We took immediate action concerning our students, and no longer allowed them to walk around in the building without a chaperone. We are scheduled to go to the museum on Friday, but not sure if those plans will pan out anymore. It will be an intense day, since someone mentioned that it is also Anne Frank's 80th birthday.

But here are a few pics from the day.

Rep Boswell

Rep Latham
Senator Grassley

Tomorrow.....Arlington Cementary, WWII Memorial, Iwo Jima in the morning, and I will be going to Shear Madness in the evening.

Oh, and Clarks!!!! Guess who I met today. Emily! (I look extremely short. She had heels on...I didn't.) I thought I would get a pic with her to prove that we met. So there you go. The most up-to-date pic of your sister.


Hollie said...

Gabe came in and said hey thats Em and Coleigh:) She would probably make you look short without heals too, she does me:)

clarkitect said...

I told you to look for the legislative assistant that looked taller than me with heels on. Thanks for the pic, she is looking more metropolitan all the time.

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