Working On It.

An update since my move.....

I (connection group/church friend Chuck, brother Adam, Mom & Dad) got everything moved over to my new place last Thursday. I guess I had a lot of 'stuff' in my old place. But I know I'll find a place for it all in my new place as well....eventually. Most of it seems to be a part of my crafting supplies and gift stash. Besides my decorations that I have yet to put up (whenever my friend Kate is available to help), I have all the 'stuff' sitting in my craft room, at least for now. I need to start sorting & going through all the tubs, getting rid of stuff that has been in them since the last time I moved. No need to keep moving it around!

This week I won't be getting to do too much unpacking, since I will be making cream cheese mints for my best friend Beth's wedding....which is this Saturday. I don't know how many I will be making, but probably close to 200 if possible.

I'll try to get some pictures of my new place (before and after of decorating and the craft room), and whatever else I feel like. Of course I'll share the mint progress as well.

Hope you all had a happy Monday.

Oh yeah, please pray for some great weather on Friday (to prepare for) and Saturday for Beth's wedding. It is at a state park, and it was beautiful out there on Sunday. I'll be asking God to make it just as beautiful, if not more, for the wedding on Saturday.

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