What Time Is It?

It's moving time!!! I have been in my current apartment for just under 1 year. I love my little place, but I can no longer handle the cigarette smoke in this building. (And the other tenants have no problem yelling at each other...no matter what time of day it is.) So, it is time to move on. But I'm not going far. Just a few blocks over to a different building.

Today I got the keys to my new place, but won't be completely moved in until Thursday. But I'm so glad I got the keys early. My wonderful mom came down to help out. (THANKS MOM!!!!!) We thought I'd get the keys, and then we'd start moving some of my kitchen and craft room stuff. However, before I ever move in to a place, we always do a little surface cleaning, just in case. This time, it was more than we bargained for. Sure, at a glance things looked clean. But once you started touching the counter and cabinets, they were sticky and greasy. Just gross. So, we got to cleaning. I'm guessing the apartment hasn't been that clean since it was originally built...if it was even that clean then! But since we spent all afternoon cleaning, there was no moving or packing of anything today.

Just a little list of everything that got cleaned (and that I can remember).
Kitchen cabinets (doors, insides, tops)
Behind stove and refrigerator
Stove hood (just a grease mess)
Bathroom cabinets
All windows
Vacuumed carpets
Put woodgrain contact paper on pantry shelves and a closet shelf

It almost felt like I was moving out of the place, not moving in. I guess it will make moving out that much easier, since I don't plan on never cleaning it while I'm there.

Hopefully I'll get a good start at packing things up starting tonight, and hopefully moving a few things throughout the week. Come Thursday night, I need to be out of my current place.

(I forgot to take a picture of my new place. So whenever I get back there, I'll do that.)


Mindy said...

Oh no! Not wood grain contact paper!
Yeah, I do the same cleaning when I move into a different place unless I know it is absolutely clean. You never know when the last time it was actually cleaned.

Nicoleigh said...

I know!! But, since I won't be staying at this place for too long, I had to think about what the person after me would appreciate. I figured this was a good neutral option. I did see a somewhat fun colored one, but thought maybe not everyone would like it.

D&J said...

Happy packing/moving, Nicole. Congrats on the new place!

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