Happy Spring!

When I was in Savannah last week, I had the Post Office hold my mail until this past Monday. That's when I was expecting to get everything delivered to me. However, it wasn't. Or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday. I finally was in my town before 5pm yesterday(because of traveling for work), and I stopped by the post office to check on my mail. They had it all, waiting to get delivered, even though the date had passed. Oh well. I just had some of my freebies from Walmart, a few magazines, and the local paper. AND....an enveloped with a bouquet of flowers with a little bug in it.

Or, maybe it was the 'flowers' of my niece and nephews with the little pipecleaner bug. Aren't they cute?! Thanks kiddos (and mom) for spending me this lovely bouquet of flowers! The flowers are too cute!

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Liz said...

Hope you have a great Easter weekend!

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