MissMatched Fun!

It has been just over a year since my 'little' sister got married. She is quite the sock fanatic like myself, so I thought it would be fun to get some crazy socks to match her colors. Low and behold, after an extensive internet search, I found some that were perfect!

I found these at LittleMissMatched. Aren't they marvelous? I sure think so! The fun thing about these socks....they come in a pack of 3! Not 2, not 4....3. Many of you have probably lost a sock somewhere along the way, right? Then you are left with 1 lonely sock. But with LittleMissMatched socks, you have 3 socks that you can mix and match, and you still have 2 socks to wear if you happen to lose one.

So if you need a little MissMatched fun in your life, to check out all they have to offer! If anything else, it will add a little excitement to your plain old work socks! :)

(And a special thanks to Kris Gardner with For Any Occasion Photography on the fabulous photos!


Anonymous said...

Such fun picture!!! You should send it over to them. I get their newsletter and they feature pics from fans all the time.

Nicoleigh said...

I sent them the picture before I posted it. Hopefully it will be on the website sometime later next week.

Anastasia said...

Love the socks! Love the new header!

Lyubov said...


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