Redecorating and Ideas

Saturday and Sunday, I did a little redecorating of a wall and a little table I have. Here is the end rest of the wall, which use to hold a BIG rusty star. I still like the star, and hope to repurpose it in my bedroom. I was just ready for a change in the living room.I got the shelf/box, little flower pot, bird, little worm, and green stuff for myself on Saturday with some kid wrangling money. Because it was my birthday (2 days prior), I got 20% off everything. I love it! The 'N'...I had it sitting around for awhile, planning on using it in my room at the farm, but changed my mind. I covered it with the cardstock paper I had bought for my room and attached the ribbon to the back. Because the walls are cream color, I decided to rub a little ink chalk around the edge, to set the 'N' off a little more. I think it all turned out great.

Here is a close up of the box and it's contents.
I think the little worm guy is my favorite. It's just too cute! It might be hard to see, but he has a big grin on him. Who could pass this guy up?

Now, here is where I need some ideas.
The things on top of the little table are some old recipe books my Grandma gave me. I need to go through them, and see what I want to keep. I also need to go through the magazines at the bottom in the basket. I have some that I haven't looked at for probably a year. I guess that means it is then time to throw things out.

Here's a closer look of the top of the table. I used the jar at Christmas time and put bulbs in it. Now I need a fun, easy, cheap, if not free idea for it. Any suggestions? The recipe books can move. I just needed a place to put them for now until I get all my recipes and books organized. I was thinking of possibly making some type of chalk board to put on the wall behind it. But because the thermastat is above the table, I can't really put anything at a normal height on the wall. It will have to stay lower, closer to the table. Any suggestions are welcome!!


D&J said...

Hi Nicole-

Since you are not able to hang anything on your wall at eye level due to the thermostat, I might suggest a vase of sorts with long stemmed flowers to give height to the table to draw the eyes up and also give it some color. You could potentially use the jar you have, fill it with something to anchor your flowers, and bam-you are set!

Backyard Candle Co. said...

you are so sweet, thanks for adding my button! I dont know off hand when the open house is in March, but I will get back to you on that!

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