Inspiring Ideas

If you are needing some Inspiring Ideas (by Jeanne Winters), go check out her blog here. She has a line of 'Simply Inspiring' gift collection items at Hallmark, some great prints at her Etsy store, and a fun-looking book Inspirational Home. I think I might stop by Hallmark today to see her products in person.


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The Overman Family said...

Isn't it funny how you find a blog through a blog, through another blog...you get the picture! Anyway, I knew I liked you for more reasons then your lovely servant heart and you lovin' on my kids...you're a sassy farm girl too! People don't believe me when I say I can drive a tractor...a real one...I tell them I can mow it, rake it, bale it and haul it...fall on the farm is my favorite time too...love the sound of the corn dryer! And a little known fact about me is that I was our county beef queen...funny! Anyway...I'm glad I found you in bloggyland!

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