Clever Sisters

Who knew that sisters could be quite clever when it comes to problems with a can opener? I was opening my 3rd and final #10 can of green beans for our church production. I just got started, when the handle of the opener broke off in my hand. (I don't think it was made to open those big cans!) So I improvised for a while, until that didn't work either. Then I went and asked a neighbor to borrow one, and she actually had an electric can opener. That was fantastic. I should have thought of that earlier. Oh well. You live and learn. But, I can at least say that my sister and I can be quite clever at times!

1 comment:

Jay and Gina said...

I think your's was a little more safe than mine. You need to invest in an electric and I need to invest in a hand one. Wanna trade?

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