Attention Etsy & Handmade Gift Lovers!

If you have not heard or read yet, there will be a new law in place that will affect many of the Etsy stores. To read more about the law, go here. I also read some posts on the Buy Handmade website. It seems like a tough call. But hopefully something will be resolved so that thousands of people won't be put out of business. I know there are many more sites out there for people to look at and read up on. If you too enjoy buying handmade children's items....from clothes, to toys, to school supplies, to even cloth diapers, burp clothes, etc, please let your voice be heard.

Save Handmade! BuyHandmade.org

1 comment:

Jay and Gina said...

What's the new law? I don't understand?!? By the way... did you win the Wii?

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