Christmas Wish List

For anyone that would like ideas for Christmas, here is my wish list:

KitchenAid mixer
cast iron skillet
fun socks!
chefs apron
Canon EOS Digital camera (I'll be thrilled with any of them!)
quality pots and pans
grill pan
gift card to Fareway, Aldis, Walmart, Target, Hobby Lobby
sheet cake pan with a cover
spice rack with clear bottles
web cam (to 'see' oldest sister and family in China and younger sister and husband in Germany)
floor lamp
cake stand and cover

That's all for now. But I'm sure I'll add more to it later. There are a couple of items I know are not likely. But hey, this is my WISH list!


Liz said...

Amen to the mixer. I got one last year for Christmas and it is my favorite thing in the whole kitchen!

Jay & Gina said...

You're dreaming!! Your Christmas present from me is ME!!! So you better enjoy it. It's all we can afford!

Nicoleigh said...

Oh sister...I'll enjoy it a lot! And my Christmas present to you is taking 4 days of vacation from work!! :) Can't wait to see you!

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