Busy Week!

Like the past few weeks, I have myself yet another busy week. But this week is full with both work and kid/pet wrangling. I am staying with 2 girls while their parents are away at a conference, from Monday through Friday. The girls are great...but the dog is a different story. For work, I am going to Marshalltown every day but Friday. So Friday will be catch-up day in the office. That should be fun! When I get busy, my desk gets messy, and I can't stand it. So that will be the first thing to happen on Friday. CLEANING!!

Also, in about 1 month, I will get to see Gina and Jay! I'm very excited for them to return!! (Even if it is for 1 week.) :)

1 comment:

Jay & Gina said...

Yeah for seeing you in a month!!! And thanks for fixing my background! Looks great! We'll have to change it for Christmas in a couple of weeks. Hope you had a good week, even though it was busy!

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