2 Fun Things In 1...and Something FREE!

For those of you who don't know...I love stamping! Well, basically crafting. And stamping is a part of it. I'm even in a Stampin' Up club! What a great time we have. Also, I'm a big fan of vinyl wall art. Whether it is words/letter or a decoration of some sort.

Well, I just came across this blog where the lady has two companies! One just happens to be My Cute Stamps and the other is Vinyl Wall Art! How great! So if you are in need of a new stamp set, or even some decoration for your apartment wall....like I'm in desperate need of, go over to her sites and check her out!

Who doesn't want to receive something free? If you would like to receive a free decal of mistletoe or snowflakes, along with a chance to win a free stamp set, go to Holly's blog at Creating Cupcakes. Thanks Holly for this fun wall art and great contest!


Raspberry Lemonade said...

Hi Sassy Farmgirl

Haven't heard from you! Re: Winner of Dominio pendant!

email me: raspberrylemonade67@yahoo.com

Jeanneoli said...

Ha ha....I just noticed you are winning all kinds of things. You are the winner of my apron. Stop on over and collect your prize. Congrats!!!!

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