Fall time means apple time

This past weekend when I went back to the farm, I got some great apples.

Yesterday, I finally had time to deal with them. I decided to turn a dozen of the apples into some great cinnamon applesauce!

Next on my list....apple crisp!

Apple Sauce recipe

12 or so of your favorite apples (peeled and cut up [the smaller the better])
1 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
cinnamon (however much or little you want...to flavor)

Put water, apples, sugar, and cinnamon in a good pot and cook on stovetop. The best is to cook the apples at a LOW to MEDIUM-LOW temperature, otherwise they can easily burn. Stir every few minutes. Once the water begins to thicken, begin to smash the apples as you stir. As you continue, if the sauce is getting too thick for you, add a little more water. Once all the apples are cooked and fairly smashed, I ran my applesauce through a blender, since I'm not a fan of chunky applesauce. I like my applesauce to have a good kick of cinnamon, so I usually add a little more in the end. Let the applesauce cool, serve and enjoy!

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D&J said...

Beautiful pics, Nicole!

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