Over the past couple of months, I have been attempting 'couponing'. It's been a fun and interesting adventure. Along with the process, I have found some great blogs and sites with information regarding couponing deals at various stores, as well as free samples to sign up for. One of the best recommendations I have come across so for is to purchase all*you at Wal-Mart. I purchased my original copy in July, and enjoyed the magazine and deals so much, I signed up for a subscription. In the August issue, there were numerous coupon deals. Doing some quick math, all the coupons totaled over $40 worth of savings! Because I liked some of the coupons so much, I went ahead and bought 3 more at Wal-Mart for $1.77 each (even though the magazine says $1.97). I believe the best coupons in the magazine are on page 159, Kraft Foods. There are 5 coupons, where you buy 3 Kraft, Nabisco, or Oscar Mayer products and you get 1 product free. Did you know that Kool-Aid is a Kraft product? I sure didn't! The first time I used these coupons, Kool-Aid was on sale for 10 cents. So I spent $1.50 on Kool-Aid, and got a free box of Wheat Thins, a 16oz Kraft dressing, Oscar Mayer hotdogs, Crystal Light, and Kraft Singles. What a deal! Those 5 coupons alone were well worth the purchase of the magazine.
I actually purchased 2 of the 3 magazines last night at Wal-Mart, since they were still on the shelf. Based on the last 2 magazine issues, I am excited to see what else all*you has in store for me to save on. Go to all*you (Life with a Reality Check) to try 2 free preview issues! (Reminder, all*you is available only at Wal-Mart.)

And I will attempt to get up some links posted soon to the great blog sites about couponing and freebies.

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