Farm Sweet Farm

Thanks to Instagram, I ‘met’ Contented Sparrow…and eventually found her Etsy store, and found an item I had to have. 


Isn’t it awesome?!

I actually messaged Megan on Etsy, and asked her if she had any Iowa maps, and if she could do a custom stamp job.

To my surprise and enjoyment, she messaged me pictures of SIX maps to choose from.
{I picked the colorful one.}

And, being the farmgirl that I am, and loving everything farm, I asked her to put
Farm Sweet Farm
on my map.

It’s fabulous.  I love it!

After I was finally able to get to the Post Office on Tuesday afternoon,
{after the card was left in my mailbox on Friday}
I got home and opened up the cardboard.

This is what I found inside….

map packaging

I mean, really!  I thought I could hang it on the wall just like that!

But I didn’t.  :)

I had it hanging in one stop, but then moved it to its current home.

Moving it caused me to pull a bucket of vintage hankies from my room,
and put it by my collection of glass bottles in a wire basket,
on top of a vintage suitcase.

It works.  I love it!

map frame

So, if you want a unique and custom piece of art for your home,
be sure to give Megan at Contented Sparrow a holler!

You can thank me later.  But be sure to share a picture!  :)


A Country Girls World said...

Absolutely love this!

Jodee said...

Great find! That is the perfect addition to your home!


LOVE! thinking of so many people I'd love to get one for!!

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