A Year of Instagram

As you might be aware, I took on the challenge of taking/sharing a photo a day, via Instagram.  There were some days where I might have shared a picture I took on a different day.  Really, I wanted pictures that made me happy, or made me smile, or made me laugh.

I’m happy to report…I was successful in sharing 366 pictures during 2012!
One of these days, I’m hoping to put it all in a book for myself.

Given the fact that I succeeded, and it seemed that some friends enjoyed my pictures as well, I have decided to take on the challenge again! 

I know my photos aren’t always perfect. 
You might not understand why I’m sharing a certain picture.
You might wonder why it seems I take pictures of only farm things, cupcakes, and kids. 
Well, I think of it as a glimpse of my heart. 
The things I love, that bring me joy.

So, here’s to another year of Instagram photos!

And here’s my start so far….

1.365 2.365 3.365 4.365 5.365 6.365 7.365 8.365 9.365 10.365 11.365 12.365 13.365 14.365 15.365 16.365

If you want to follow along, my Instagram name is farmgirlchaos, you can see the photos to the right on the blog, or through the link on my Facebook page.

Be sure to let me know your Instagram name if you are on there as well!


Nicole said...

How did you link your instagram to your farmgirl facebook page? all I can seem to link it to is my personal page :(


fyi: snapfish has a buy one get 2 free photo books that exp either mon or tues (21 or 22)! its a great deal for getting those into books!! & then you could create 2 gifts w/other photos!! I am planning to do all 3 w/childcare 2012 photos & call it 'scrapped' ;) cheating but TOTALLY done!! (using 5x7(I think) paperback versions w/shipping the special comes to $46 & then shopping thru Ebates.com gets 10% back right now ;))

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