Farming & Dirt

The past couple of days, I have seen these videos go viral!
I shared them on my Facebook page, but thought I'd share them here as well.

Just another reason why I love the farming/ranching/agriculture life!

Head over to Crystal Cattle, where she emailed the guys and got more details from them.

The next video is from DreamDirt TV.  They are from Iowa! 

How have I not heard of them before? 
After looking up where Mondamin, Iowa is...since I have never heard of it, I learned.
Far western Iowa. 
What a unique and neat treasure we have here in this great state. 
Now it's time to share it with the world!

I hope you enjoyed just a little glimpse of true agriculture.



I finally watched the top one earlier this afternoon, the 2nd I hadn't seen until your blog. Thanks for sharing!!!

Jason Smith said...

Appreciate you sharing our DreamDirt concept reel! I shared your page on our facebook at www.facebook.com/dreamdirttv

Nicole said...

I know you've been busy, but you got an award on my blog today :)

Anna said...

Thanks for sharing these videos. I just happened upon your blog--love seeing your pictures, what you're experiencing. I live in SC, where we have several large farms around our community--but the heartland always impresses me!

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