Thankful Thursday {on Wednesday!}


Wow.  Note to self...today is Wednesday, not Thursday!

I guess that is what happens when I've been sick for almost 2 weeks.

Oops!  Oh well.  It will be Thankful Thursday on Wednesday instead.  :)

I started Thankful Thursday last year, and have decided to continue it. 

Because....why not?

Yesterday evening {while shopping at Target} I called the farm to talk to mom.

However, what I heard more of was 2 of my nephews in the background.  :)
One crying {the 1.5 month old} and one talking...LOUDLY {the almost 2 year old}!

So I asked to talked to Carson.

Grandma {mom} hands the phone to Carson, and he yells...


The best part...Grandma never said my name the entire time she talked to me or when she handed the phone to Carson.

She just said 'someone wants to talk to you'!

And honestly, this isn't the first time this has happened.
How does the little dude know when I call?  He always says 'HI COLEIGH' to me before I say 'hi' to him.

This little dude.....he has no clue who I am...yet

But I like to steal him from Grandma and Mom whenever I can!


Now for these kids.....

They are always excited to see me.  
 However, as they get bigger, I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to handle them running full-force in to me.  But I'll keep trying, until they begin tackling me.

During one of my visits to their side of the river, I took the kids on a little road trip to town, while jamming out to some country music with the windows open.

Let's just say, any time they see me now, they ask to do that again.  And being the {self proclaimed} favorite aunt that I am, I try to honor their demand request.  

Oh, and whenever they see a vehicle like mine, they holler out to whoever they are with, that they see Toby.
{That's the name of my ride.}

So yup.  I'm thankful for being an aunt, and my awesome niece and nephews.

Even though they can all get a lot crazy and loud at times, I still love them!

I'm so happy that the niece and all the nephews are all within a long 3 hours driving time....instead of some being in Iowa and the rest being on the other side of the world.



traci said...

i very cute bunch to be very thankful for. such a cute story.

Kim said...

I am totally w/ya & LOVE being an AUNT! what a blast it is!!!

Jessica said...

I don't know about Iowa, but here in Arizona, November 2nd is actually on a Wednesday....

You had me worried there for a minute that I lost a whole day of my life. :)

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