Farm Boy Love!

What's better than spending the weekend at the farm?
Spending 3 full days at the farm, hanging with some cute farm boys, celebrating a birthday,
and seeing the other niece and nephews from across the river for a few hours.

Usually when there's a birthday party, a gift is a good thing to have.  :)

I have had an idea of what I wanted to make for Carson for awhile, 
but had yet to make it. 

Of course, it didn't get finished until about an hour before the party!  

But, I think this is my favorite 'freezer paper stencil project' to date.

You can find my other projects here and here.

I can guarantee you that I WILL be making more Farm Boy shirts, 
but with a twist!  :)

Front:  {pardon the awful pictures...I was in a hurry to get it wrapped and get to the party!}

 The back....which totally makes the shirt 'perfect'!

If you look closely, you'll see that there is a little white outline around the tractor {and the letters as well}.
This was not intentional.
I started with trying to paint on white letters.  But even after a few layers, it looked pink.
Therefore, I had to pick a different color.  Blue it was.
The colors look great together...in my opinion.

After painting on the blue and pulling the freezer paper off,
I liked what I saw.  Blue letters with a white outline.

I'm not sure how it happened...
but I'm guessing it is from the paint drying and making the shirt shrink a bit.


And here's the birthday boy, sporting 3 of his birthday items.

1.  Styling hat.
2.  Amazing coat.
3.  Trendy Farm Boy tshirt.

{I tried to get the dude to smile...but he was too busy chattering.}



traci said...

that is a great shirt for a farm boy. too cute.

Nicole said...

Oh how cute and how suiting!!!

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