At the Farm! Friday

Really?  Has it been 1 week since I last posted?  

Well, I guess that is what you get when I'm at Center Grove Orchard driving a tractor all weekend,
and working in the store/bakery during the week.  Oh yeah, on top of my regular job.  :)

Anyway, during my last trip to the farm, I took some pictures of my newest nephew.

Of course, I had a little fun with it.

He might as well get use to the farm now, because he'll be following dad and grandpa around the farm as soon as he can walk!  



traci said...

oh i don't think he'll have a problem getting use to the farm. he looks like he is very comfortable there. he's a cutie!

Nicole said...

absolutely love the one with the wheel! How awesome!

Megan said...

It's been two years since I moved to Iowa and the first harvest I see is on the web :)

Thanks for the sweet pictures, Farmgirl!

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