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For months, I was hanging on to a couple of gift cards that were for ErinCondren.com

And, for many months, I have been visiting the website often,
trying to find the best items for me.

I changed my mind every time I looked!

Then, finally, I figured out what I needed {wanted}.

It took a couple of tries to order it due to some troubles on their end.

But I finally got my order placed.  On August 4th to be exact.

I finally received this lovely looking package on August 19.

2 weeks and 1 day after I ordered it.

And man, talk about being impatient!  The wait felt like forever!

I mean, have you ever received anything in a cardboard box like that before?


 I sure haven't...until now.  And yes, I was celebrating.

Just opening the box up, looking at the items on top, and taking pictures...
probably took me about 15 minutes.  

I don't think it's normal to take that long to open up a package.  :)

On thing that stands out, that I love.....


 And some fun free labels as a little surprise!  :)

The first item I ordered....
Book Tags

 I have a few books, ranging from kid books to books I pick up when I need something to read and don't have any books.


Now I have fun book tags to identify my books.
Well, at least the ones that I am certain I want to keep for myself.

Now, to the main, most looked forward part of my order.....

The 2011*2012 Life Planner.

When I placed my order, I got to decide what I wanted the cover to look like,
as well as what I wanted to be printed on the front cover.

Of course, I chose to have Farmgirl Chaos on it.  :)

This is my first Life Planner, but it seems as if this is the first year that there are tabs to separate the months.
I think they are a great addition!

If you would like to check out this Life Planner a little more closely,
and see what else is under the cover,
head over to check out this video.

You will not be disappointed!



Kim said...


simpledaisy said...

Ooh....I love them:)

Nicole said...

Super cute, and I've seen a lot of people getting them but dang, $50 for a planner... I'm not convinced. but they are cute so maybe a little envious :)

D&J said...

Looks like a lot of cute products, Nicole. You've convinced me to check out their website. thanks!!

Jay and Gina said...

I think you should get this for me for Christmas!

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