Iowa State University at Dusk

Today after work, my co-worker/friend Jessica and I were waiting for the bus to head home.  {Side note: our office had a 'farewell' party for Jessica, as her last day working for our program will be on Wednesday, so I had my camera with me to take pictures at the party.} The bus stop we were waiting at was right next to this building.  With the lights from the building and the darkness from the sky, it made for a great time of picture taking.

Because of my lack of camera skills, most of the pictures turned out not so nice.  But, with the help of a few PSE actions, some of the pictures got to looking a little better.

All of these pictures have Beardshear Hall in them.

Because of being able to take these random shots on campus, it has inspired me to keep carrying my camera with me every day.  There is often lots of activity on campus, so there should be many opportunities for some fun/interesting photos.


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