Where Women Cook - DELIGHTFUL!

Wow.  Have you heard of Where Women Cook?  I have seen/read some of the buzz about it on numerous blogs, and decided to go ahead and purchase the first magazine.  (Sadly, I have only glanced at it.....haven't had time to sit down and enjoy it like I want.)

Somewhere along the line, I learned they also have a blog : Amuse-Bouche.  So how does the the blog differ from the magazine?  Well, I'll let them tell you, since I took this straight from the FAQs page.  :)

We’ve structured the publishing plan for Amuse-Bouche to be a compliment of each edition of Where Women Cook. Every week (depending on the number of women in each magazine) we will provide additional information about the lives, careers and tastes of the women in the pages of our magazine. Of course, there is always a certain amount of flexibility needed when blogging but an ideal week will contain an introduction to the featured artist, a recipe, food photography, a favorite tip or tool and something about the location where they reside like a favorite local dish or a restaurant they own or frequent. (It totally gets you in the mood to find out more about them in our amazing magazine. Which you should totally go out and buy!)

Yup.  That sums it up perfectly!  :)

Now, on to just a few of the tips, recipes, etc that caught my eye.  {And for your convenience, each of the pictures is linked directly to the site where you can read the rest of the story.}

How about cutting pumpkin bars at a fun angle!  Really, this could be adapted to any type of  bar or pan food.  Especially brownies.  (That is....if you don't have a huge catastrophe like I did yesterday.....story for another time.)
Or how about an easy, practical, fun way to organize recipes.

I know I could definitely use some of the concepts here.  Such as: using page protectors and using fun tape to tape recipes to the paper.  (Happy Tape....yup.  Check it out.  Fun project ideas as well!)

How about an amazing tip to keep your whipped cream from separating!

Or some S'more Cupcakes!  These look delicious!

Alrighty.  Now it is your turn to go check out the women of Where Women Cook, at Amuse-Bouche

Enjoy!  :)

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