Pattern Fun

While at the farm last weekend, I had a fun time looking at old and a few newer patterns that Mom has.

Would you call these 'vintage'?  Quite a few of them are much older than I....so that puts them over 30!  {What age must something be to call it vintage?}

If you still use patterns this day and age, it is hard to find any that cost $1.00.  What ever happened to sewing being more affordable than buying clothes?

Sadly, that is not always the case anymore.  But with that, the quality of store bought clothing doesn't 'last a lifetime' like home sew clothes can.

Oh, and while I was taking pictures of what was inside the cupboards, mom said to be sure that I got a picture of the cupboards themselves....but don't include the mess!

What you just looked at is an original 1917 built-in.  I believe that is the age of the farmhouse.
Below the upper shelves, there are some drawers, a few more shelves, and my favorite....a tip out bin. 
But as much fun as it is, sometimes stuff gets 'lost' at the bottom of it. 

Anyway, lately, any of the sewing I have been doing (and making mom do) has been without an official pattern.  Sometimes I wish there was one!  Or atleast that I'd remember to make one.  It seems that no 2 items I have made are alike...even if they look alike.  I guess that is what you get for home sewn/hand crafted items.  I love it!



Jessica said...

I don't know what the age requirement for "vintage" is, but to be an "antique" something has to be 40+ years. I think vintage refers more to the fact that it is actually/authentically from an era past, not a new item that looks like an old one. Things from the 80s are referred to as "vintage," but they're definitely not antigues.

Jay and Gina said...

Our house is older than that!!!

Alicia said...

how fun! my mom gave me a bunch of her old patterns and they look just like this :) have fun!

traci said...

that reminds me of my grandma. she had sew many patterns.

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