Over the River - 1

This past weekend, I took a trip across the great Mississippi River, to spend some time in Port Byron/Moline, IL, with my oldest sister and her family.  It is sure nice to be able to cross just a river while in a car, instead of having to cross the ocen in an airplane.  (Not that I got to visit them while overseas.)

I have a feeling there will be many weekends roadtrips ahead.  :)

My niece and me.

My sister's youngest son.  About 2 months old.  My nephew number 4.


My sister and son #2 enjoying a cake walk activity.

Andrea and the oldest two walking for a 'cake'.
(For this cake walk, you picked boxed cake mix and tub of frosting of your choice.)

Superman not wanting to participate in the cake walk.

Little Dragon Boy not enjoying the hood of the costume.

Who needs to color a mask when you can play with trains!

Bride's mask.

Superman's mask.

Well, Dragon boy has one too...he just didn't like it on his face.

A sleepy little pony.

But this pony has some cute feet!

Having a little fun in a crazy/colorful chair...

...while sister and brother get paint tatoos.

Decorating their own cupcakes.  (I wish I could have decorated one!)

A hayride through downtown Port Byron.

Finally, a picture of all the kiddos together. 
Not the best picture, since it was raining on me at this point.

It was a weekend full of playing with kids, enjoy the Fall Festival, helping my sister unpack boxes/sort things in the house, and even being a personal shopper for a couple of hours.

I can't wait until the next time I get to spend a weekend with them all!

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Kim said...

What a fun trip!! HOW cute is that pony outfit!! ohmyword! Enjoy having them back in the states!

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