R&R Time

What is R&R?  Rest & Recuperation.  It is a time where service members who are deployed for 1 year take up to 15 days of leave during their deployment.

My brother-in-law, Jay, was recently back in the states for R&R.  While here, he and Gina spent most of their time between the their two families.  It was great to see them both!

During this time, both families put on a little party for them.
Of course, I got excited about helping out with the decorations and such.

We enjoyed some delicious bbq pulled pork.  Let's just say....I have never been so glad to have leftovers.  It was amazing!  Thanks mom for making such great food!

Note to self...frosted red velvet cupcakes and 90+ degree weather don't mix. 

Thankfully, these tasted much better than they looked. 
Who knew that Gina would actually eat two of them!  :)

Jay also talked about their time in Germany, traveling, as well as his deployment.  Hearing about all the good they are doing and how they are building up the country again, how can our own country and citizens not support them and be proud of them?

I know I am proud of Jay and all the other service members.

Jay, thanks for standing up and fighting for our country, the country's of others, doing what God has called you to do.

And don't worry Jay....while you are defending freedom, your wife will be a strong woman too.  :)

Love you both!  I can't wait to see you again!


Jay and Gina said...

Than come home!!!

Jay and Gina said...

Oops.... THEN!!

All I'm doing is sleeping, so you can come keep me company!

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