Seeing Green

When my sister and her family were visiting the farm back in June, the kiddos had their eyes checked.  The end result...my niece and oldest nephew need glasses! 
I guess they are joining the family trend of needing some form of vision correction. 

But at least they look great in them!

(I was hoping to get a picture of everyone that wears glasses/contacts, but that didn't happen.)

While they were on the Nechanicky Farm, they had many 'red' tractors to play with, with a few 'green' tractors mixed in.  But while with their other grandparents and aunts/uncles/cousins, they are surrounded by green!

Do you notice the weights on the back end of the tractor in front of Big Daddy?  :)

It's a good thing those kids are in the pictures....
to make the tractors look better. 

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