Lake Fun

Who doesn't enjoy a little time at the lake??

I know I sure do.  So this past Saturday night after a kid wrangling job, I headed north to Clear Lake to meet up with some friends, arriving there around 10p.

Sunday morning was a slow start...woke up to a little babe having fun playing with toys.

Eventually we made our way out on the boat. It was a beautiful day, but the waves were pretty big, and the water was cold. But, the boat ride was fun.

After stopping to watch some windsurfers, there were some boat troubles. Some transmission issues....it would take forever for the boat to get in gear. It was a fun adventure when they tried to gas the boat up. It's kind of hard to dock the boat when you have no control over the motor. For awhile, I was the one holding the back end of boat to the dock, while the guys were trying to toss a rope to the dock when we got close enough. Too bad it took about 5 minutes before the waves got the boat close enough to toss the rope. (And boy, was I sore the next day. Not use to straining my muscles like that!)

After fueling up, it was a fun start again...but didn't take too long to get going.  But attempting to park the boat in the slip cover at the lake house was another adventure.  After drifting to a neighboring dock, about 5 or 6 houses down, one of the guys running to get the jet ski, I too eventually jumped out to push the boat off and then to catch it at the correct dock.  Finally, we got the boat pulled in to its home, and that was it.

An adventurous, but fun day at the lake.

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