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Knock Off Wood

A couple weeks ago, I came across this awesome blog! If you are like me, you have flipped through a catalog from Pottery Barn (& kids), Land of Nod, Crate and Barrel...you get the idea...and there are many items that you might love to have, but don't want to pay the high price tag. That's where this blog comes in handy. Ana will give you step by step details on how to construct may of the same items, for a fraction of the price.

For me, my first project will hopefully be a bench for my dining table! However, living in an apartment, it makes any type of sawing and construction difficult.

But after reading a few posts from other people, I guess at some hardware stores, they will cut the wood to size for you. So maybe I can do it.

The only thing I need now....a drill! Or one of those little multi-purpose hand tools. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to get?

Thanks to Stephanie for giving me the idea to actually post about my find. I guess I'm not very good at sharing at times. I'll have to work on doing better with that!

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Janel said...

Cool find! Keep us posted on how the bench turns out!

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