Flex Money

How many of you out there have flex spending accounts? Well, I have one, and I have some extra money to spend before December 31. So yesterday I went to Target with my list in hand and got what is in the above picture. I thought I got a lot, but still need to spend a little more. I'll head back there another day with some suggestions from mom, since I don't really need anything else. I'm now stocked up on plenty of band-aids, pain meds of all sorts, allergy meds, and even stuff for kids (since I watch plenty of kiddos).

If you have a flex spending account or something of the sort, don't forget to spend that money before Dec 31, 2009. No need to let that money go to waste!

1 comment:

Lori said...

that is a really good idea...i no longer have my flex account but should have done this!

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