Holiday Weekend Recap

Thanksgiving was an enjoyable time at the farm. Especially with a new little baby there. I don't think Carson was spoiled at all! There was plenty of food, many pictures taken, and a relaxing afternoon of doing nothing.

Friday, Carson and family were at the farm again, as well as the boy that my mom watches. So we all had fun playing together. Friday night, after finding my Christmas decor, I made my way back to my apartment. I started setting some of my decor up then, and tried to clean up as much as I could for my company on Saturday.

I picked up 3 little kiddos (ages 4, 3, 1.5) Saturday morning, and had them for the next 24 hours. I knew their parents from college, and volunteered to watch their kids for the weekend. I think we had a good time. There were a couple of struggles with trying to get 3 kids to sleep at the same time in a 2 bedroom apartment...but it got done. Throughout the day, I was doing a little more decorating and moving things around. At one point, the boys decided to help out with my Scrabble tile letters that I made a saying out of. They decided that all the spaces on the little board needed to be filled. So they filled it up with whatever letters they could. For the most part, our time together went well. But of course, there were a few moments where they boys struggled with playing together or not getting their way, as did their little sister. Come Sunday morning when their parents came to pick them up, they were sure excited to see them. But it was great to also hear them tell them about what we did during the weekend.

I apologize for the lack of pictures. I have plenty of them...I have just be struggling with my camera being read by the computer to upload the pictures.

Today, Monday, I enjoyed the afternoon in Williamsburg, visiting Kinze Manufacturing and the Kinzenbaw private tractor collection. Hopefully I can get the pictures up loaded soon!

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