Harvest Decor

I thought it was finally time to show some pictures of my harvest decor around my place, since I have had it like this since the beginning of October. For some reason, I am one who would prefer to do a harvest theme, instead of doing Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's probably the farmgirl in me, but I'm okay with that.

I'm pretty certain this little arrangment is my favorite.

Well, than again, I'm a big fan of this door. As you might notice in this next picture...the lamp shade still has the plastic wrap on it. Believe it or not, to this day, it still does. I'm not sure if I like this shade or not. I'll probably post on this later.
A star wine holder turned magazine holder. My little pumpkin patch.

*The 'harvest' leaf on the door, the 5 wood pumpkins, the little bale, the swag of fall leaves...I got from Hobby Lobby 50% off.
*The real pumpkins are from family and friends.
*The apples are NOT real. I got them at a little shop in my town, in addition to a few of the other things shown.
*The glass pumpkins holding acorns and mini pumpkins (that I got from a kid wrangling job) were from Walmart.

I am eagerly awaiting Nov 27 to arrive, so I can begin listening to Christmas music and decorate my place for the season. I know many people have already put up their trees and began listening to the Christmas tunes a while ago...but I can't do that yet. I like to enjoy one holiday at a time. So once Thanksgiving is through, that means Christmas is 1 month away, and Gina will be coming back in just a few short weeks!


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