Fall Fun

What's a better way to enjoy the fall weather than by spending it outdoors. Last night, my connection group had a hayride/bonfire. I had a kid wrangling job for the evening, watching this sweet girl. She had a special day yesterday....it was her 2nd birthday!! Happy Birthday Miss Brenna! So glad we got to celebrate with you.

To start off our evening, we had an activity of making scarecrows, that eventually got judged for a winner. And here's the winning scarecrow and Miss Mya, who came up with the idea.Here's the scarecrow that my group worked on. We got 2nd place. :)After we completed our scarecrows and roasting hotdogs over the bonfire, we went on a chilly hayride. It was quite the amuzing ride, as we had a handful of little guys and gals who decided to make their own wild animal noises. They would have made for great background noise at the haunted forest.

To conclude our night, of course we had smores! Since it was Brenna's birthday and we didn't have any birthday cake, she also got to enjoy a smore instead. I'm pretty sure she enjoyed every last bite of it. She sat in this chair and enjoyed this smore for at least 10 minutes.

It was a bit chilly all night, but that's what warm clothes and bonfires are for.

Today I was wrangling for 2 different kids from 2 different families (and their dogs). Maddie is 10 years old and Tristan is 7 months old. We took a trip to the orchard...which makes it my 4th for this season. Even though the temps were in the upper 40s, it was still really busy. Maddie attempted to go through the corn maze while Tristan and I sat outside the maze on a bench. But after getting 2 punches, she decided that was enough. We then headed back on the 'hayride' and picked out some pumpkins for them to put on their front step.
After picking up some pumpkins, apple cider, and fudge, we called it a day.

Bright and early tomorrow morning (well, techically it will still be dark), Maddie and I will be hanging out with Tristan again.

I hope you all are able to enjoy this fall weather as well! If you'd like to see some more fun fall pictures, go here.

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