Junk Bonanza

Last Thursday, my friend Joy, her mom Gloria, and I headed north to Shakopee, MN to the one and only Junk Bonanza. We headed north about 4:45am, and finally arrived to the Bonanza a little after 8am.
We got ourselves the Early Bird tickets, and were quite pleased with making that decision. When we first walked in, it was a little overwhelming to see all the different booths. But it was awesome.
We had a great time walking around, looking at things, going to the different buildings....until about 10am. That's when the general admission tickets were allowed in. And that's when the crowd started. Boy, did it get busy. I'm glad I got the few items that I did.
You quickly learn that if there is something that you want, get it. Don't wait a few minutes, because it is very likely that it won't be there in about 5 minutes.
While there, I had the opportunity to meet Serena of The Farm Chicks. She was doing a book signing. Earlier in the week, I contacted her to inquire about a donation for the benefit last weekend. We arranged that I would pick up the donation while there. She donated a signed book, recipe cards, and a necklace. Thank you Serena for your generous donation!
After enjoying the Junk Bonanza for about 3 1/2 hours, we headed to IKEA. How could we not go, since it was about 20 minutes away. After spending a good hour and half there, we decided to call it a day and head back to Iowa.

As of now, we are planning on going back to the Junk Bonanza next year with the Early Bird tickets. But instead of leaving before any sane person should be awake, we hope to get ourselves a hotel room so we can get some good sleep and be ready for a full day of junking!


D&J said...

Nicole-that looks amazing-like it would be right up my alley! Thanks for sharing the pics-I have a better idea of what to expect :)

Janel said...

Oh fun! Sounds like you guys had a great time!

Bambina Babe said...

Hello! I just received your comment about the tabs on my blog. I got the layout from www.ourblogtemplates.com, and some of their layouts have the linkbar. Let me know if you have any more questions.

Just curious...how did you find my blog?


Kelly Jo said...

I live in Mankato, just 45 min. south of Shakopee and I have never heard of this- I am totally putting it on my list!!

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