Amazing Weather

For those of you in Iowa right now, what do you think of this weather? To me, mid July usually means lots of heat, lots of humidity, lots of mosquitos, and having to run the AC more than I want. However, this year has been great. I go to sleep with the windows open pretty much every night. But today.....man. This is my kind of weather. I like that I can wear jeans, a short sleeved shirt, and a light cardigan. I'd take this weather any day over the typical Iowa July weather. I just sure hope that the crops won't be affected by it. We need as big of a yield as possible.

So sun, keep on shining, breeze keep on blowing, and crops keep on growing!


Mom said...

I know...I don't ever remember mowing the lawn on July 17 in jeans and a sweatshirt and wishing I had on another hooded sweatshirt. CRAZY!

We do hope to get some more warm weather to fill out the crops.

Jay and Gina said...

It's not nice weather! It's cold!!! We slept in the car the other night and I absolutely froze with jeans and a blanket on top!! I'm still confused by global warming!!! Too cold!!! I'm patiently waiting for the 80's to come back. We should get about two weeks worth and then it will get cool again. That's how it works around here.

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