CWF - Day 1

This week I have the opportunity to be a chaperone for the Citizenship Washington Focus trip for youth from Iowa. There are 33 youth and 5 chaperones. The trip actually began yesterday, June 6, when we left Iowa at 7am, and will end once we return to Iowa on Saturday, June 13. Even though the trip started yesterday, I am saying that it officially started today, since we just rode in a bus all day yesterday.

Today, after driving another 3 hours to get there, we visited Gettysburg, PA. We then got to walk around the welcome center/museum for a few minutes. Then we loaded the bus again and headed off on our tour. We had a certified tour guide come on our bus, ride around with us, and tell us all facts and information you don't read about in your history books. (But don't ask me to repeat any of it.....there was so much information!) It has been a gorgeous day, so a day for some great pictures.

We are all at the National 4-H Center now, and begin our evening of activities at 5pm, that will continue until 11pm. My goal is to write about each days activities with some highlights and pictures. I also made a picasa site that I will be uploading my pictures, as well as some of the youth's pictures to this site for everyone to share.

You can find that here. Here are a few of my favorites from the day.

A glance at day 2....Mount Vernon.


Mom said...

Very interesting. Will keep watching for updates.
Good idea with the website so the parents can go see what their kids are enjoying. Looks like you had a great first day with nice weather. Enjoy!

clarkitect said...


Nice pics, love the one looking down the cannon. Can I make a request of Mount Vernon? You're probably already there by the time I post this comment. However, if you took this pic can you post it. I love the view of the Potomac looking out from the veranda on the east side of Washington's residence. I could sit in those white rocking chairs for hours. Also, Hol let my sister know that you will be hearing from Latham, keep your eyes peeled for a dark haired girl slightly taller than me (if she's in heels, which will probably be the case). Love the pics, can't wait to see DC through the eyes of Coleigh.

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