Pet Wrangler too

The past couple of weeks, I haven't been just a kid wrangler (thanks Mandy for giving me my title), but I've also been a pet wrangler. Last week I stayed at the home of a dog named Sierra. She is a white shepard.

This isn't her....but it sure looks like her. She is about 12 years old...and stuck in her ways. But she was a good dog. Even though she moved slow around the house, when it was time to go down to the tv room or outside for a walk, you'd think she was 2!

This week, I am at the home of a chow husky mix named Dakota and three cats, Whitey, Todd, & Puff. (Again, this picture is not him, but I hope to get one yet this week.)

Things are a little different for the pets this week than what I am use to. The other pets I've stayed with are indoor pets, but I let them out to do their business or if I'm going to be hanging outside. However, since these guys live on an acreage out in the country, they can come and go as they please. However, sometimes Dakota goes and visits the neighbors without asking. Then I have to find him at 1 of 3 neighbor houses after work. This morning before I left for work, Dakota decided to run down the road. (Silly dog.) As I was driving down the road, I found him, and had to quick run him back to the house...in reverse. Since it rained quite a bit the past couple of days, the gravel road they live on wasn't so much gravel, but a nice sticky mess. So instead of taking my time to turn around, I put the Blaze in reverse and gunned it.

I also made a realization today...why can't I got as fast in reverse as they show people on tv doing it? Maybe it's because it is tv and pretend. But I couldn't go nearly as fast as I wanted ro or was capable of. Oh well. It was still fun.

I guess I'm going to have to update my little business card to include Pet Wrangler.

So if you are in the Ames, IA area, and ever looking for a kid or pet wrangler, give me a hollar!

But that's about it on the wrangling front.

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