Oh Betty....

...why did you have to show up in my mailbox?

As you can see, there are 125+ Easy, Inspiring Ideas.....and I just might make them all! The recipes are easy, and they look delicious! I think I'll make my way through the book in order, from front to back, if I have the ingredients for it at least. Or I'll make whatever looks good at the moment. (Right now, that'd be everything!)

If you are looking for some easy cake mix recipes that you can jazz up quite a bit, go here to subscribe to the Betty Crocker Recipe Magazine. I just wish this would be every month, instead of every 2 months. But, I guess it will give me a chance to make a few (dozen) of the recipes before the next one arrives.

This looks similar to one of the recipes in the magazine. DELICIOUS!

And I hope the next time you see the white platter the magazine is on, it will be holding something edible.



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