Time to Clean/Rearrange

Believe it or not, I still have my Christmas decorations up. I like them, and don't want to take them down. Maybe I can just leave them up until Valentine's day, or maybe St. Patrick's Day. Some stores have Christmas stuff out before Halloween. So why can't I leave my stuff up for 2 months after Christmas?

However, tonight I plan on taking down all my Christmas decor and trying to come up with a new location for my current normal decor. I don't have too many options of how to rearrange things, so that will probably limit what I can do. If and once I get the redecorating done....the next task will be my crafting room. This could take a week itself! It's my catch-all room. If it doesn't fit/go/work in my living room, kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, it goes in the craft room....as of now. I also keep my extra food that doesn't fit in my one cupboard in this room. I hope to correct this. I would like to actually use my craft room and easily access things that I need, instead of trying to stretch over a pile of stuff to get to my table.

So, here's hoping that my face-ache (had a partial cavity removed this morning and it really made my jaw sore [I don't remember this happening when I had my only other cavity removed]) will go away so I can be extremely productive tonight!

I'll try to get some before and after pictures tonight. Another form of motivation to make sure I get it done!

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