Hey Baby, It's FREEZING Cold Outside!

Nothing like some good ole Iowa weather to start off the week. We had a nice pile of snow fall yesterday. As happened a few weeks ago, MANY schools let out early in anticipation for the blizzard that was suppose to come through. It did snow in the morning, and was looking like it was the right move. But shortly around noon, it was nice out! The sun was shining, it was about 30 degrees, it quit snowing, and there wasn't much wind. And about an hour to an hour and half later, many schools let out, as originally planned earlier in the day.
I'm guessing kids had a fantastic time playing outside in the snow while it was nice and the temps were safe for it. By the end of the work day, walking to my vehicle was a struggle against the wind. The temps dropped, and the wind was between 25-30 or so miles per hour. Nothing like having your eyes tear up due to the winds, then freeze to your face because it is freezing out.
This morning, the temp when I started was about -10, and I think it warmed up a whole degree, to -9 by the time I got to work. My ride had a chilly start, which I don't think it enjoyed. We also have a wind chill advisory today, taking temps to -20- -30. Burr. That's just stinkin' cold!
Tonight we go into another winter weather advisory, due to more snow that should be falling!
I'm loving all of this snow! I just wish it wasn't so cold. Hopefully I'll get some snowmobile time in this weekend. But, I guess this is one of the joys of living in Iowa. You never know what weather will blow in. And it keeps the weather folks on their toes!
Someday I hope to get some pictures of the snow. But in the morning, it's just too cold and the sun is barely rising. By the time I get home from work, it's dark. But I'll see what I can do.
In the mean time, enjoy the snow and cold or sun and warmth!

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Jay & Gina said...

I WANT SOME SNOW!!!!! Hope the next blizzard blows in and you get stuck at home!! Wouldn't that be fun, and you could clean if you wanted to!! It was beautiful here today in probably the upper 30's and lots of sunshine. I agree with the liking of Iowa weather!

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